 Let us know if you will be registering as a student

As soon as you have made your decision about attending Cyprus Science University, you need to inform the International Office by email ([email protected]) of your intent (whether you will be registering or not) before 8th February 2019. If you have already contacted us to let us know then don’t worry.

 Prepare your documents for registration

You need to bring the required documents for Registration with their original statements or certified evidence of study results, otherwise, you will not be able to register as a full-time undergraduate student. You will provide these documents to the Registrar and Student Affairs office.

Required documents:

  • Your official diploma or a recently issued proof of graduation document and your transcripts from the relevant institution
    • A certificate of achievement is not valid
    • If your diploma, school certificate or graduation document is NOT in English or Turkish, it should be translated to either English OR Turkish by an accredited translation office. These translations should also be certified by the issuing institution or a public notary as genuine copies and translations of the original and they should have an “Apostille” issued by the relevant authority in your country.
  • The original copy of your English/Turkish language proficiency exam score 
    • If you have submitted a Valid English Proficiency Exam Results with scores above the minimum specified you will be exempt from undertaking English language Preparatory classes.
    • The acceptable exam results are; TOEFL - 75 IELTS - 6.0
    • If you do not submit a valid English Proficiency Exam Results, then you will be asked to undertake a Proficiency Exam during Registration week which will decide your level of English and if your level of English is below B2 you will be placed into the English department to study English.
    • For Turkish language, you must have a grade of B1 or above to enter the Turkish taught departments.
  • Your original passport
    • During registration, a copy will be taken and the original ID or passport will be given back to you. You will also need it to apply for your student permit.
  • 6 biometric passport photos
    • They should have a white background, be passport sized (4.5x6cm), be taken in the last 6 months, your head should be seen in the picture.
    • You will need photos for Registrar and Student Affairs office, photos for your student permit and for accommodation.
  • Health Check

Once you arrive in Cyprus, you will be sent for tests at the local hospital (Girne
Dr. Akçiçek Hastanesi) You will collect these results after one week and hand them in to student affairs office unopened, with the rest of your documents needed for your student permit.

  • Tuition

Once you arrive, throughout registration you will be asked to be $500 more of your tuition fees, if you do not pay this then your registration will not be completed.

 Student visa to enter North Cyprus - TRNC (if necessary)

  • You must apply for a visa at a North Cyprus Consulate or Embassy in your country. Students from Nigeria and Armenia should apply at their local Turkish Embassy or Consulate.
  • Please take all relevant and supporting documents with you when you go to your local Consulate/Embassy.
  • If you are exempt from needing a visa to enter North Cyprus, you only need a valid passport and your acceptance letter to travel to North Cyprus.

NOTE: The University will send your name to the Embassy or consulate once we have completed your application, please give it a week from completion to ensure that the Embassy/Consulate has received your details.


  • In this section, you will find information about the steps you should take once you arrive in North Cyprus to register as a student.  As an admitted international student you will need to be in Cyprus and in our campus to register as a student on the specific dates shown on the 
    CSU University Academic Calendar for 2018-19.

In this section, you will find information about the steps you should take after receiving your admission offer letter and before coming to North Cyprus for registration as an international student at our campus.


You can start your online
application via our system.