PUBLIC LAW (LLM) (With Thesis)

About Program

In the Turkish education program, it is planned to contribute to social needs with academic research studies conducted with a thesis and to support the development of the quality of Turkish legal education at the international level by providing new permanent works to the world of science.

The aim of the Public Law program is to gain the ability to specialize in many fields in the field of public law and to provide an academic study that will produce new solutions.

To train qualified lawyers who have a high level of technical legal knowledge and foreign language proficiency in the field of public law, who have developed the ability to analyze legal issues and produce solutions, and who are competent in academic study methods in order to conduct scientific research on a specific legal problem.

Candidates who will apply to this program are required to be a Faculty of Law graduate.

Completion of a total of 120 ECTS credits, 60 ECTS of compulsory and elective courses and a successful master's thesis worth 60 ECTS credits.

Provides the opportunity to work as a lawyer, judge, lawyer in international courts and institutions as a specialist in the field of Public Law.

Applications to the program are made twice a year in Fall and Spring semesters.

The language of instruction of the program is Turkish.

Learning & Teaching Methods

In the Cyprus Science University Public Law Master's program, there are thesis stages in addition to the compulsory and elective courses that must be included in the curriculum.
In addition to traditional law courses, we provide our students with the latest information about the emerging and rapidly growing areas of law. For this purpose, we offer courses in the field of Public Law at postgraduate and doctoral levels.
An internship is not compulsory for the Public Law Graduate Program.
The language of instruction of the Public Law Graduate Program is Turkish.

Access to Further Studies

Our graduate program graduates have a wide range of knowledge to easily carry out various professions in the society. They can be primarily judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, legal advisors, legal academics. In addition, they can find opportunities to work as expert lawyers in all public institutions and organizations, especially in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the General Secretariat of the European Union, as a manager in the private sector, as an inspector / auditor in inspection boards and as foreign relations experts in the international field.
Public Law Graduate graduates can apply to doctorate programs at a higher level.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Master of Public Law can fulfill many duties or have a status that includes political and social responsibilities.
must graduate program in the field of public law at university has required the Republic of Turkey in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the field of public law specialist facilities will be provided to the training of qualified lawyers.
Lawyers can work in almost all areas of social life and state levels.
Provides the opportunity to work as a lawyer, judge, lawyer in international courts and institutions as a specialist in the field of Public Law.