About Program


There is a growing need for physical therapy and rehabilitation in pain, dysfunction,

and injuries caused by injuries, diseases, orthopedic disability, movement system

disorders and various diseases. In the success of the treatments, it is very important

that the application is performed by well-trained assistant health personnel.

The aim of the "Physiotherapy" program is to educate assistant

health personnel who have been trained in this area.


The task of the physical therapy technician;

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in all institutions providing services,

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitationspecialist by evaluating the treatment program

drawn to the patients by applying the specified physical therapy devices

and therapeutic exercise in the water to ensure the safe,

effective treatment of patients.


* To give students a perspective on the general characteristics of diseases,

* To inform them about their job descriptions and their applications

* To be able to distinguish subjects other than job descriptions,

* To support the training with practical applications to provide the basis for clinical study.

Departmental Facilities

Graduates can work in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics, special branch

centers and especially SPA / thermal facilities

Undergraduate Transfer Programs:

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services.


Learning & Teaching Methods

Access to Further Studies

Career Opportunities