Tuition Fee Tuition Fee with Scholarship First Installment
Undergraduate Programs 6500 USD (Per Year) 2600 USD (Per Year) 1500 USD
Graduate Programs 4500 USD ( Total Cost) 2175 USD ( Total Cost) 1175 USD


ACCOUNT NO : 201400-5017
IBAN: TR98 0001 0008 6000 2014 0050 17 (USD Account)


All International Students are entitled to get up to 60% scholarship when studying undergraduate or graduate courses at Cyprus Science University.

Other Scholarships include:

Sibling Scholarship

All International Students studying at Cyprus Science University are entitled to a 60% scholarship. For international students who bring their siblings to study at CSU will gain an extra scholarship for their siblings meaning that their siblings will get up to 75% scholarship.

Merit based Scholarship

If a prospective student receives 1200+ on their SAT exams they will be offered a 100% scholarship.

Need-based Scholarship

If you have personal needs and financial issues, a letter should be written to the rectorate requesting a scholarship based on your needs. All the supporting documents should be provided alongside the letter of request. This will then be assessed by the rectorate and a decision will be made on whether a scholarship is given and what scholarship.

Student Assistantship

Student assistantship positions exist in various administrative departments in the university. They are open to all students. A student must have a GPA above 3.0. to be considered for the scholarship.

Living Expenses

Living expenses cover everything you will need to pay for, other than tuition fees. The amount you spend will depend on your lifestyle choices.

North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses. Estimated average living expenses for international students are 350-600 USD per month.

As a guide, most students spend between $1,000 and $1,500 per year including accommodation.

Financial Help and Support

If you have the talent and ability to succeed at CSU, concerns about funding your studies should not stop you from applying.