Student Community

Cyprus Science University believes that participation in clubs, activities and events not only helps students make friends across the international community but assists with the development of valuable career skills. All CSU students are therefore encouraged to take an active role in extra-curricular activities as they are announced, and set up, ideally as a result of student initiative.

CSU orientation weeks not only introduce CSU students to these opportunities but introduce students to life on the island in general and the demands of university life.CSU’s comfortable and well-equipped library, laboratories and classrooms ensure a high standard of educational support for teaching, research and the social and leisure facilities support the many activities that take place at the university.

CSU has a student council and many student clubs for students to participate in such as:

Football club
Basketball club
Dance club
Theatre club
Bowling club
Darts club
First Aid & Emergency club
Kizilay Club
Gastronomy Club
Ataturk and Turkish History Club
English Speaking Club

If CSU does not have a club that you are interested in and you have 10 friends wanting to create a new club then CSU can support you and open up new clubs.

Want to have a say?

Want the students to have the best experience whilst studying at CSU?
Join the student council to ensure that you can have your say.
Student council

Professional Practice

Studying at CSU not only contributes to your knowledge and educational growth but also it offers you the opportunity to gain experience in a field specific job. Many departments within CSU have opportunities to participate in work placement to enhance your knowledge and learn outside the classroom, to have real hands on experience that will help improve your CV and make you more employable after graduating from University. Graduating with knowledge and experience gives you the opportunity to be more successful when job searching.