You are about to take your first step in being a part of a world university that can lead and guide you on a global level with education, teaching, research, helping you to think outside of the box, providing you with ethical values, creativity, independence and imagination.


Universities are science nests where students have to acquire and develop the skills necessary for working life, acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession, thinking independently, questioning and criticizing the life they have lived and using it in other periods of their lives by establishing a social environment. In this framework, we aim to be individuals who will contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the countries in which they came from, by cultivating students with high capacity and quality in the fields we need, with our understanding of education we have built upon scientific and cognitive thought.


North Cyprus where the lustrous views of the sea and mountains surround you wherever you may be. The Island full of hidden gems has plenty to do and see: There is an abundance of history, beauty and nature which means there is always something to keep you occupied.


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