Tuition & Fees

Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching, examinations. The amount you’ll pay depends on the type of student you are, where you’re from and the program you’re studying.

Prep School $ 7.5001 Year
Associate Degree Programs $ 7.500 Per Year
Bachelor’s Degree Programs $7.500Per Year
Masters Degrees Programs$6.000Total Fee
Doctorate Degrees Programs$10.000Total Fee
Graduate Programs  bridge courses$1.500 Per Semester

Undergraduate Programs

Yearly Tuition Fee with Scholarships
Prep School$7.500 $5.625$3.750$3.000$2.250$1.500$500
Associate Degree$7.500$5.625$3.750$3.000$2.250$1.500$500
Bachelor’s Degree$7.500$5.625$3.750$3.000$2.250$1.500$500
Students on 100% scholarship pay $500 VAT and Social Activity Fee per year

All admitted undergraduate students must pay $1500 as the first tuition installment to receive the acceptance letter.

Graduate Programs

Complete Tuition Fee with Scholarships
Masters Degrees$6.000 (Total Fee)$4.500$3.000$2.400$500
Doctorate Degrees$10.000 (Total Fee)$7.500$5.000$4.000$500
Graduate Programs 
bridge courses
Per Semester

All admitted graduate students must pay $1500 as the first tuition installment to receive the acceptance letter.


Students must pay their semester tuition and social fees at the beginning of each semester within the announced payment periods in order to be able to renew their registrations. Course registrations can be renewed only after the semester tuition is paid.

• Tuition amounts listed in USD must be paid in USD.

In order to make your payments using your credit cards, your cards:

• Must be authorized for virtual pos transactions
• Must have 3D Secure authentication
• Must have sufficient limit for online transactions

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2021-2022 Fall Intake Tuition Fee Structure